Buying a carpet should be a long term investment. A carpet can add warmth, elegance and a touch of luxury to every room. It should last many years and be a source of comfort and pleasure. A great carpet should not only look amazing but should also be durable and hardwearing. You should consider the

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If you are buying carpet for your rental property it is important to put your personal taste aside and make your decision with as much practicality as possible. If you are letting to professional tenants they will expect premium quality furnishings. They can also be trusted to respect your property and keep it in good

The costs for installing flooring for a room vary depending on the type of flooring you choose. Real wood flooring will usually be the most expensive. Carpet, laminates and vinyl are more affordable options. Carpet installation costs Carpet is a wonderful addition to any room and instantly conveys an inviting, homely character. The feel of

A new carpet is a wonderful way to freshen up any room. The warmth and ambience of a good carpet is hard to match. Once your carpet is installed you should learn how to protect it. By properly cleaning and maintaining your carpet, you can double its lifespan. When maintaining your carpet, it is most

Underlays are very beneficial as they protect your carpet from wear and tear. They are especially important for highly trafficked areas such as stairs. There are cheap underlays on the market but they do not provide sufficiently firm support for your carpet. Underlays have the additional benefit of noise and heat insulation. Do all carpets

How much is a wool carpet?

There is nothing more alluring and comforting than a thick wool carpet. Wonderful to look at and luxurious to the the touch, wool carpet is a premium choice which will enhance any room. Wool is a traditional material and has been used for centuries as a floor covering. There are a plethora of wool carpets

When choosing flooring for your home, there are many considerations: looks, practicality, and ease of maintenance. One of the most important is: how long will your flooring last? Good quality flooring should withstand heavy use and give you pleasure for years to come. The flooring material is perhaps the most important factor in the lifespan