Should I bother with stair runners?

Last month we looked at the new carpet trends for the year ahead. There were plenty of ideas and options for your home no matter what your preferred taste and style – for a reminder have another read here. One thing we didn’t cover was stair runners and that is because they are worth covering


2019 carpet trends

With the end of the year almost upon us we have been thinking ahead to the new year and all that it brings. Just as the end of the year is a time for reflection, so the new year is a time for exciting new ideas and trends and an opportunity to refresh our thinking


Your hallway is the first thing you and visitors will see when entering your home. Make a good first impression or lift your mood as soon as you step into the house with flooring that is well thought out and which will stand the test of time and heavy footfall. For our top ideas on


How to steam clean a carpet

We have talked a lot about keeping your floors clean – how often to do it, what to do and what not to do, and how to look after your carpet to give it a long life. While we have mentioned steam cleaning a few times, as it’s not something many of us do very

living room with central heating and wooden floor

The summer may not be quite over yet, but we will be thinking about turning the heating on sooner rather than later. Many of us haven’t given much thought to how that may affect our flooring – after all, we just want to be warm and dry when it is cold and miserable outside, don’t


What is that funky smell when you walk in after being outdoors? Do you sometimes get a whiff of dog or cat as you come into your home? It’s not unusual when you have pets at home and particularly if you have carpets on your floors. Fear not though, you don’t have to give up


Getting the decision right when it comes to bathroom flooring can be tough. There are lots of variables to think about and the options are increasing all the time, making it tricky to narrow down the choices. To give you a helping hand, we take a closer look at what those variables and materials are


Carpets are hugely versatile flooring materials. They bring warmth to our homes, are a fundamental part of the decoration of our space – be it a home or business – and add a stylistic touch. They also protect our floors and for those carpets that are not fitted, they provide a way for us to

Why we use Ardex adhesive and screed systems

At Cherry Carpets our clients come first. Which is why we only use the best materials on the market for all our jobs. Whatever flooring solution you are considering we will match it with the right tools to make sure that it stays looking great for a long, long time. Underlying a good flooring solution

The importance of an experienced estimator

Whether you are buying for your home, business, or commercial space the importance of an experienced and skilled estimator should not be underestimated. While there are plenty of people who prefer the DIY option or use online tools to help them estimate what they need before they start looking for a provider, this could end