Why is good underlay so important at home and for your new floor?

Check out this video to see why our underlays are sustainable for environment.

  • Provides unparalleled levels of comfort
  • Reduces Noises
  • Prolongs the carpets life

Underlay is not the most exciting part of carpeting, but it is a necessary one. A good underlay will help reduce noise and retain heat. It will lower your heating costs. Additionally, underlay will also ensure your carpet lasts longer.

Our Cloud 9 underlays are laid underneath your flooring, providing a cushion and protection that will prolong your new flooring. The layer of underlay provides comfort and a great feel underfoot as well of improving the performance of your new flooring.

Comfort Factor

At Cherry carpets our premium Cloud 9 underlays provide a luxurious spongy yet dense layer of additional cushioning underfoot. Choosing a luxurious underlay can add a spring underfoot and absorb the impact as you walk. Everywhere where you walk will feel luxurious and have a real sense of premium quality.

Protecting and prolonging your new flooring

Cherry carpets will always recommend the best underlay for your situation whether it a communal area, bedroom, or busy family home. Cloud 9 underlay acts as a cushion meaning your new floor doesn’t feel the effects of crushing quite so much. This will help your new flooring retain its appearance and help it to bounce back for longer.

Pioneering sustainability for the environment

  • The underlays only use recycled PU foam which is responsibly and ethically sourced from their sister companies within the Vita Group.
  • The Manufacturing is based in the UK and uses 100% renewable energy in the manufacturing process.
  • The paper backing is sourced from managed, replenished wood stocks.
  • The ink on the paper is eco-friendly
  • The underlay is wrapped in recyclable packaging.

Save on those heating bills

Cloud 9 underlays act as an extra layer of insulation and can help reduce the warm air escaping through your floors. We only use the best underlays with high tog ratings which is important when choosing the right underlay. If you have a concrete floor the right underlay will stop that cold feeling underfoot and can add warmth to the room. If you have draughty floorboards adding that extra layer can really help. The extra layer of insulation will increase heating efficiency in the home and help reduce those costly heating bills.

Sound Insulation

Cherry carpets have numerous solutions to help if sound insulation is required. Adding a decent underlay can reduce the noise in the room by up to 30% and will help reduce impact noise for any room below. We also provide specialist underlays and systems which can further help reduce both air born and impact noise. We help a lot of clients which have had issues in apartment blocks and are looking for a solution. Using a recommended underlay can really help your day to day living without worrying about disturbing people below. Just ask one of the team today and we will be happy to help.

Keep your floor looking good for longer

Using a premium underlay such as Cloud 9 will help your carpet look better for longer. In general, you should also pick the best underlay you can afford. The better quality the flooring the better quality the underlay you will need. The last thing you want is your underlay not performing as long as your new floor.

Sustainable Products

We mainly use Cloud 9 underlays which are made by Ball and Young. They have a heavy focus on sustainability and are a forward thing company when it comes to the environment. They are part of Vita Group and operate a responsible, resourceful and safe business. They are committing to the pursuit of a net zero footprint which is why they are our main supplier of underlay.

Why we choose Cloud 9, Ball & Young underlays?

They are the pioneering market leader and has championed sustainability in the manufacture of PU underlay for over 25 years. With their range of Cloud 9 industry-leading underlays, they supply the highest quality products made from offcuts of polyurethane foam, sourced from known and trusted sources.

They have saved over a quarter of a million’s tonnes of waste PU during this time from going to landfill. That’s 25 years of helping the environment. They only use recycled PU foam in the underlays which is responsibly and ethically sourced from their sister companies within the Vita Group.

What is PU Underlay?

PU stands for Polyurethane which is a type of foam. The seating and cushions for the car, aviation and furniture industry are made from PU and any left-over foam that used to go to landfill is shredded and made into Carpet Underlay!

The main differences between underlays are the thickness, density and the general quality of the construction.

Ball & Young, Cloud 9 are best known for producing quality underlays and continue to win many awards for Best New Product from when Cloud 9 was launched over 25 years ago. All Ball & Young’s underlays pass the British Standards BS EN 14499:2015.

Cherry carpets offer various thickness of underlays ranging from 7mm to 11mm. If looking at a rental property 7mm is the way to go but if you want a more luxurious feel underfoot a premium range 11mm underlay would be advised.

Cherry carpets supply underlays of varying densities. Density is measured in Kg/m3 and refers to how firm or soft a product is. The density is important to both the feel and the wear of your new flooring. We would advise a denser underlay in high traffic areas, offices or studies where a wheelie chair will be used. measured in Decibels. A good underlay can give a high decibel rating.