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Springtime flooring choices

If you are thinking of installing new flooring now that spring is here, then you might be struggling to make a firm decision. Should you go for carpeting that’s soft to the touch, or heavy-duty flooring that will serve you brilliantly for years? The likelihood is that your home is already versatile enough to be

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We’re well into the new year now, so the question that most room and home stylists are asking is “what popular trends that were set in 2015 are likely to continue into 2016?” This is an important question to ask, as no one wants to re-style their home on an annual basis, but then no

Flooring Cherry Carpets

No doubt, now Christmas and New Year is over and you’ve taken your decorations down, you’ll be looking at your home in a new light – back to how it usually looks for the majority of the year. Perhaps it’s time for a spruce up? Most homes benefit from the odd lick of paint here

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Protect your family from carpet-trapped germs When you vacuum your carpet, do you think it then qualifies as clean once you’ve done? That really depends on how far your definition of ‘clean’ stretches. Even after a good vacuuming, your carpet will still contain around seven billion bacteria per square metre. In fact, right now your

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We all know what to do if you spill red wine on a wool carpet, don’t we? Douse the stain with white wine! The two will magically balance out, and your wool carpet will look as good as new! We firmly suggest you DO NOT try this at home! Spilling white wine over red wine

What are the latest carpet trends?

What’s your preference – hard flooring or cushioning carpeting? If you’re lucky and – like most modern homes – your residence has room for both. For simplicity and warmth, think carpets. For a contemporary appeal, think tiles or timber. Despite doomsayers claiming so, carpet is not suffering its death throes. No matter how wonderful laminates

There are many flooring options available for your home. Choosing between them involves making an assessment of their respective pros and cons in terms of looks, practicality, durability and affordability. The room for which the flooring is intended is also an important consideration. The types of flooring suitable for your living room may not work

What’s the procedure when having your flooring installed?

Having new flooring installed is a major project. Furniture needs to be moved, the old flooring needs to be taken up and the new flooring put in its place. Improper installation can not only look shoddy but can shorten the life of the new flooring. Furthermore, poor installation can create safety hazards. For example, if

Real Wood The Luxury Low Maintenance Flooring Option

As our lives get ever busier, so our time for housework gets less. If you’re looking for a new floor, combining the look of luxury with the advantage of low maintenance, real wood flooring can be a great option.   Whatever the style of your home, you’ll find a real wood flooring option that will

What flooring is best for Pets

We are a nation of animal lovers and recent surveys show that 45% of all households in the UK have a pet. If you have a special furry friend in your life there is no reason why you cannot share a home happily together. However you need to ensure that your furnishings are suitable for