Why we use Cormar carpets

Why we use Cormar carpets

When you talk to us about fitting a new carpet for your home or business, part of our advice includes making recommendations on the type of carpet that is most suitable for your needs and which manufacturers offer which options. This month we want to explore the reasons behind why we use Cormar carpets for

The importance of moisture testing before laying LVT

The day has come when the flooring specialists arrive to lay your new luxury vinyl tile floor. Whether it’s in your home or business, it’s time to transform your space with a brand new floor and watch it take on a new life. But while we tend to focus on the end result and what

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The lifespan of your flooring, regardless as to whether you’re installing carpeting, vinyl or any other form of flooring, is wholly dependent upon the quality of the subfloor. Despite this, subfloors are often overlooked and disregarded, leading to flooring that doesn’t last as long as it should. Here we explain how you can do your

Luxury Vinyl Tiles – A Contender for King of the Flooring Realm

Wood has traditionally been the long standing favourite solution for the floors within our homes – authentic, durable, and beautiful. Yet over the course of the most recent years we’ve increasingly worked with clients who’ve opted for luxury vinyl tiles over and above wooden floors. Let’s take a look at why the king of the

When choosing a flooring company in Kent, the options before you seem overwhelming. To help you in your decision, here we explain why it’s of paramount importance that you choose an established company over and above a flooring company with few previous customers and little proven track record.   A proven track record of happy

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Whilst browsing online there can seem little difference between high quality, luxury flooring and the cheaper alternatives – comparing the images can very much be a matter of spot the difference. Yet there are very real differences between budget floors and the premium options – and choosing to go cheap today may not pay off

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Your carpets demand plenty of TLC if they’re to last as long as they should and retain their appearance. Unfortunately however, simply vacuuming them is nowhere near enough – and here we explain why.   Indoor Air Quality – A Scary Statistic The air quality of your home can be as much as eight to


Create Your Unique Stair Runner or Rug You’ve scoured carpet book after carpet book, trawled from shop to shop and browsed online for hours on end. Yet you still can’t discover the exact runner or rug that you have pictured in your mind’s eye. Despite there being a more extensive choice than ever before, sometimes

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We appreciate that we’re only as good as the quality of products that we supply and fit – and that our reputation is attached to each carpet we sell, and each floor we lay. We literally scour the world for leading manufacturers, to discover the best and most beautiful of brands.

Cormar carpets leading manufacturer of British carpets

It’s no understatement to say that UK-based carpet manufacturers are becoming an endangered species. One flagship brand that remains committed to quality and to being proudly UK-based, is Cormar – who we introduce to you here.